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Skype and Apple store have sent e-mails which I haven't received.?

Skype and Apple store have sent e-mails which I haven't received.? I gave the correct address. The e-mails have been sent more than once from skype and Apple. I checked in box and other probable locations. This is serious. I get e-mails from all my contacts, but not these new ones. What to do?

Update: Of course I checked the Spam folder. I checked all the folders. The e-mail was sent again today and I did not get it.

How to send multiple image once on Skype?

I'm trying to send 73 pics to my family in Chicago using Skype but it never seems to work, they either stop loading or don't even load at all. Any suggestions? The pics are being sent to Skype using Kodak EasyShare.

That's a horrible way! You're basically sending your pictures one by one by doing that method. I recommend making a new zip file and putting all of your pictures into that zip folder then send it to your family using Skype.

Sending messages on skype problem?

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Well, basically, i'm having problems sending messages to one contact, it's just doing the circle thing,and it's been doing that for hours. 

I have the latest skype version. Could someone tell me why this is happening, or how to fix it?
Generally, if you are having problems connecting to Skype server you will encounter this problem where your chats are being delivered late or not at all.

To resolve this issue, locate and delete the shared.xml file used by Skype. Next, you need to check that hidden files and folders are enabled.

1. Close Skype.

2. Ensure that "Show hidden files and folders" is switched on.

3. Click Start and then Run...

4. Type %appdata%\skype and click OK.

5. Delete the shared.xml file.

6. Restart Skype. The shared.xml file will be recreated. And now, skype start up and work again like normal.

Hope This Will Resolves The Issue. If not,

Please do a Skype reset

Ensure that "Show hidden files and folders" is switched on.

1. Skype will autom…

How to Install Skype in Nokia C3?

 I want install skype on mobile Nokia C3.

If your phone has wifi or mobile data, switch on either one. Mobile data will deduct money from your pre-paid or postpaid phone whereas wifi is free. If you have the OviStore on your device, go to it and search for Skype, then download it. Once it is download, open it and sign in skype with your account.


Then move/copy it to your C3 and install it.

My Skype wont Connect?

It Just recently happened (Yesterday) and I don't understand why it wont work. I was talking to my friend on skype yesterday and then we ended the call! 
And later that day my friend ask me to get on skype and when I got on it told me that I was connecting for like a hour !! So I it tired restarting my computer ,unstalling the old skype and installing the new skype on my computer. When it told me to log in , it would say "Signing In" then it would tell me that Skype cant connect! Its not my firewall I checked that already and its not my internet!! Please help ..... I have been on skype for 2 year and this is the first time it wont work!

If you are sure about the FIREWALL,PROXY SETTING, and also you restarted your router you must follow these steps,

I suggest save your personal information (if required). Store one Skype server: your contacts, purchases and account information, but other personal files such as chat messages, voicemail and snapshots taken during video calls…

Question about the skype app?

Question about the skype login app? is the skype app for verizon wireless, free?

Best Answer:The app is free but to call to other skype users and international calling you'll need wi-fi or you can buy skype credit which is real cheap.

Does kindle fire HD have a skype app?

I have been looking into buying a kindle fire HD but i was wondering if there was a skype or skype app? thanks in advance!
Answer: First, the tablet adds Dolby Digital audio speakers and dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi. Under the hood is a 1.2GHz dual-core processor with Imagination PowerVR 3D graphics, 1GB RAM and 16 or 32GB of internal storage. Finally, Amazon has added a new front-side camera for chatting although it’s quite useless for anything but Skype.

Why wont my skype app on my desktop open?

I have a question, every time i click on it i get a loading sign then it disappears yet it never goes to the Skype start up screen. I tried to re install the newest program and it still does this. what do i need to do to make this work?

Best Answer: Try This If You're running on Windows:

1. Close Skype.

2. Ensure that "Show hidden files and folders" is switched on.

3. Click Start and then Run...

4. Type %appdata%\skype and click OK.

5. Delete the shared.xml file.

6. Restart Skype login. The shared.xml file will be recreated. Skype will start up and work again like normal.

If You're running on MAC Then, Try This:

Go to the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Skype/

Delete the file shared.xml (it will be recreated once you open Skype again, this is fine). And relog in to Skype.

Please note that the ~ sign means your home folder. You can find your home folder by opening Finder and selecting Go > Home from the menu bar or pressing Command (Apple), Shift and H keys at…

Skype audio problem

So when i skype my friend i can always hear my voice through her computer and its really annoying ( btw she just got a new computer its a lennovo and the speakers are in the bottom of her laptop idk if that makes a difference lol ) but yeah whenever i talk i hear myself its so annoying ! Also her voice is soo low like i have to put my volume all the way up ! i can barely hear her sometimes !

Some suggestions to check and fix possible audio related problems. Just try whichever are applicable or you haven’t tried yet.

First, double-check if your microphone/s and speaker/s are properly plugged-in, active, or turned on. Be sure that they are also not muted. You can also test them using other applications to make sure that they are working and not defective.

next, download skype and install the most recent version. Issues, bugs, problems, and irregularities in older versions are often fixed or solved in the latest Skype version.

Update your audio/microphone/webcam drivers.Use the Update Dev…

I have log in skype but do not create a green sign in the task bar?

Question: I have log in skype but do not create a green sign in the task bar?

Well, first, log out and close Skype. Log back in. See if that works. (These things happen some times.) 
If that doesn't work, you may have accidentally disabled the feature. To enable: 
1) Sign into Skype
2) On the top bar, go to Tools. 
3) From there, select Advanced. 
4) Click the check box labeled "Keep Skype in the Taskbar While I'm Signed In." if it isn't already.
That should solve your problem.

Can't open Skype

My Skype was working fine until on day, I couldn't sign in. When I write my name and password, it says: Can't open Skype. 

You are already signed in on this computer. Please sign out and try again. But I am NOT signed in. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. But nothing happens. What should I do?

Try going to SKYPE-->Tools-->options-->(tick) let Skype adjust my firewall-->save

"try ending the skype names process in win task manager, worked 4 me"

I did some kinda cool discovery regarding this very frustrating issue.

I uninstalled skype, then navigated to the windows Firewall menu, and there I deleted the Skype-exceptions from the so called exceptions list.

After this I installed Skype (v 5.1) again, and when I opened Skype, it prompted me to add skype to the Windows Firewall exceptions list again, i agreed, and now it works like a charm.

Hopefully this will help you guys out.