My Skype wont Connect?

It Just recently happened (Yesterday) and I don't understand why it wont work. I was talking to my friend on skype yesterday and then we ended the call! 

And later that day my friend ask me to get on skype and when I got on it told me that I was connecting for like a hour !! So I it tired restarting my computer ,unstalling the old skype and installing the new skype on my computer. When it told me to log in , it would say "Signing In" then it would tell me that Skype cant connect! Its not my firewall I checked that already and its not my internet!! Please help ..... I have been on skype for 2 year and this is the first time it wont work!

If you are sure about the FIREWALL,PROXY SETTING, and also you restarted your router you must follow these steps,

I suggest save your personal information (if required). Store one Skype server: your contacts, purchases and account information, but other personal files such as chat messages, voicemail and snapshots taken during video calls, are only saved on your computer.

To keep this personal information, you need to make a copy of it.

It is very simple:

-Click Start and then Run...

-Type %appdata%\skype and click OK.

-Copy the Pictures folder and the folder with your Skype name to another location, such as a CD or DVD-ROM or desktop.

1. Uninstall skype

2. Delete skype folder in application data(you must check show hidden files in folder option then go to %appdata%\skype (type %appdata%\skype in start/run)

3. Go to registery (type regedit in start/run)

FIND "skype" in keys,values,data and delete all of them(you can use f3 button for next and delet Button to do it as fast as possible)

Go to "Find In Registry", type "Skype", and delete ALL entries that it finds reboot pc.....

Alternatively, You can also Download, Install and Run RegSeeker 1.55 (freeware)

After Install, Go to "Find In Registry", type "Skype", and delete ALL entries that it finds

reboot pc.....

4. Install the new version of skype(recommended) and JOIN IT

Use this link to download skype com/go/getskype-full

i gave you the offline installer. just click on the link i have given above, and download it on your "desktop"

when you got it, double click on it (run) and start installation.

this will install skype on your computer, without problems.

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