Can't open Skype

My Skype was working fine until on day, I couldn't sign in. When I write my name and password, it says: Can't open Skype. 

You are already signed in on this computer. Please sign out and try again. But I am NOT signed in. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. But nothing happens. What should I do?


Try going to SKYPE-->Tools-->options-->(tick) let Skype adjust my firewall-->save

"try ending the skype names process in win task manager, worked 4 me"

I did some kinda cool discovery regarding this very frustrating issue.

I uninstalled skype, then navigated to the windows Firewall menu, and there I deleted the Skype-exceptions from the so called exceptions list.

After this I installed Skype (v 5.1) again, and when I opened Skype, it prompted me to add skype to the Windows Firewall exceptions list again, i agreed, and now it works like a charm.

Hopefully this will help you guys out.

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